Webroot WiFi Security is geared toward people who want a hassle-free VPN experience. Because of that, it offers some features that are nice to have, but keeps things bare-bones. 25/06/2016 25/04/2019 16/04/2020

Protection beyond standard VPN offerings using Webroot’s Threat Intelligence, ranked #1 in the security industry We also partnered with Perimeter81 to use their worldwide VPN server platform to ensure a consistently reliable service.

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Webroot WiFi Security VPN is the most privacy & security-centric VPN application available for Android devices, which works on computers too, but with a trick. The app improves you online security, secures your data, makes your online identity inaccessible for online parties by masking your IP address. It changes your original IP address with one of its own IP addresses adding an extra layer 26/03/2020